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Sterilizers Questions

All tap water contains mineral deposits that are invisible to the naked eye. When heated at high temperature, water evaporates and leaves a thin layer of mineral deposits (Lime scale) on the heating plate. Such deposits look dirty and are often mistaken as rust. If deposits are not cleared regularly, it will affect the performance of your Sterilizer.

We recommend 2 ways of removing the lime scale residue:
  • • Lemon Juice Cleaning
  • • Vinegar & Water Cleaning

You may refer to the product manual for sterilizers for detailed information.
Ultraviolet (UV) rays found in UV Sterilizers accelerate the deterioration of Silicone Nipple, resulting in the degrading of silicone material and lead to hardening of silicone material which may cause crack and tear on products. Plastic parts such as bottles and bottle caps may also deteriorate due to UV rays. Hence, we do not recommend UV Sterilization to be used for PIGEON Products made of plastic and silicone material such as our Nursing Bottles & Nipples.