Foaming Cleanser

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A plant-based 100% food grade liquid cleanser effectively cleans nursing bottles, nipple, baby accessories, as well as fruits and vegetables. The easy rinse properties uses less water to rinse off and leaves no soapy residues behind. Less time and saves water on rinsing, good for the environment and safe for the baby!


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Ingredients: Purified water (Aqua), Sodium Citrate, Alcohol, Propylene Gylcol, Sucrose Laurate, Potassium Carbonate, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Fragrance

  • Kills 99.99% of bacteria
  • Ideal for cleaning feeding bottles, teats, pacifiers, feeding accessories, toys as well as fruits and vegetables


  1. Pump foam onto sponge / hand and gently apply on surface of item (feeding bottles, teats, pacifiers, feeding accessories, toys as well as fruits and vegetables).
  2. Scrub and clean the items thoroughly.
    • Use the appropriate brush and scrub and then anti-clockwise direction until dirt and grime are removed
    • For bottles, use a bottle brush
    • For teats, use a teat brush
    • For straw cups, use a straw brush
    • For other non-edible items, use a sponge brush
    • For fruits and vegetables, use hands to clean gently
  3. Rinse items with water thoroughly and ensure no dirt or grime residue is present. Repeat step 2, if necessary.
  4. After cleaning
    • Apply liquid cleanser onto brushes. Clean the brushes gently using your fingers and rinse with water
    • For sterilizable items, proceed to sterilize before using
    • For non-sterilizable items, leave to air dry in a cool and clean place before storing away

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  1. Ivan O.

    Have not tried the foam version before this purchase, i feel that it’s easier to use with less wastage, still clean as well as the liquid detergent. The fast delivery was really a lifesaver when my family was stuck in a hotel for Stay-Home Notice 🙂

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