Manual Pump Basic

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Manual Pump Basic

Manual Breast Pump Basic - Pigeon Malaysia


For mothers who like simplicity and fuss-free pumps

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Product Description


  • The Advance Sealing Air Cushion™
    • softly envelopes and gently stimulates your breast for faster let-down. The cushion perfectly fits to your breast and doesn’t require strong strokes.
  • Ergonomically Designed Handle
    • for better grip and easy handling even with one hand
  • Unique Silicone Diaphragm
    • allows complete adjustable pumping to imitate your baby’s sucking pattern.
  • The Bottle Stand
    • can also be used as a cover for the Advanced Sealing Air Cushion™ to hygienically protects the pump so that you can carry it out and about.


Accessories Sealing Air Cushion™, Diaphragm, Stem, Pump Body, Handle, Milk Valve, 200ml PP Storage Bottle, Stand/Funnel Cover, Nipple, Hood, Cap and Sealing Disc
Sterilization Method Boiling, Steam, Microwave, Chemical
Material Flange / stem / main body / handle /
hood / cap / bottle – Polypropylene
Product Code 26393