Newborn Pure Travel Set

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Do you know the waxy coating that is found on newborns is called Vernix Caseosa? It protects the baby’s skin from fluid and without it, the baby’s skin will be chap or wrinkled. But it’s often being wiped off immediately after the baby is born and this causes the baby’s skin to be exposed and unprotected.

Newborn Pure is formulated with Natulayer™ that mimics the natural coat of Vernix on newborn and ceramide to hydrate and protect the skin by locking in the moisture.

Newborns are more prone to losing moisture in their skin 100x faster than adults because of their delicate skin. Newborn Pure Moisturizing Lotion spreads easily for quicker adsorption to provide instant hydration for baby’s skin.


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  • A matching pH to your baby’s skin
  • Safety assurance for use for newborn onwards
  • Paraben, Formaldehyde and Alcohol free
  • Made in Japan
  • Size: Travel Pack 160g
    • Nourishing Shampoo: 50ml
    • Purifying Body Wash: 50ml
    • Moisturizing Lotion: 50ml

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 3 cm


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