Oral Care Starter Set

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• 1 x Baby Tooth & Gum Wipes (Strawberry / Natural)
• 1 x Baby Training Toothbrush Set
• 1 x Toothpaste, Strawberry


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Baby Tooth & Gum Wipes

  • 100% food grade ingredients.
  • Fluoride free.
  • No alcohol, coloring and preservatives.

Baby Training Toothbrush Set

  • Co-developed with a leading Dental Specialist in Pediatric Dentistry from Singapore.
  • Consists of Training Toothbrush Lessons 1, 2 and 3 to accompany baby’s oral care journey
  • Each training toothbrush is designed to match the gum and teeth development stage of the baby.

Toothpaste, Strawberry

  • Fluoride free.
  • Specially formulated for babied and children.
  • Contains food grade ingredients.

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