Silicone Sleeve for Wide-Neck Glass Bottle (Outlet Return Stock)

SKU: #SLVBA103/05-1

The silicone bottle sleeves fit snugly to SofTouch? Wide-Neck Nursing Glass Bottle. It allows easier grasping and reduces the risks of the glass bottle slipping from your baby’s hand.

Outlet return stocks: The product may have packaging defects or have the outlet?s price tag attached. STRICTLY NO RETURN OR REFUND.


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  • Safe and durable material resistant to tears.
  • Easy to put on and remove, does not obstruct the view of bottle scale.
  • Compatible for SofTouch? Wide-Neck Glass Nursing Bottle in 160ml and 240ml.
Material Heat Resistance Sterilization Method
Silicone 120?C Boiling, Steam

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 15.8 × 6.8 × 6.8 cm

160ml, 240ml


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