Training Teether, Step 2 (Outlet Return Stock)

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Training Teether Step 2 can help parents develop their baby’s oral development from 7+ months. The teether features four ‘petals’ with different levels of hardness and texture for exploring with the mouth.
Brightly colored, there are movable colored rings to stimulate the senses further. It fits neatly into babies’ palms with no detachable parts, making it safe to use and easy to wash and clean.

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  • Recommend for 7+ months baby.
  • Designed to fit into baby’s palm, with an easy-to-grip handle and a firm teething pad.
  • To stimulate the periodontal membrane under the teeth by having a variety of shapes and texture.
  • Provides gum training that develops bite strength for proper teething.
  • Biting the rattle teether provides baby with tactile stimulation.
  • Shaking the rattle teether develops baby’s hearing and sensory perception skills.

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