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How To Care For Your Child’s Teeth?

How To Care For Your Child’s Teeth?

Baby Teeth Have Important Jobs
The last baby tooth only falls off at age 12. Until then, healthy baby teeth are needed for comfortable eating, smiling, speaking and holding the space for the adult tooth.

Keeping Them Clean
Once your baby has teeth, clean them at least twice a day with a soft baby toothbrush. Use a rice-grain size of safe-to-swallow toothpaste since babies do not know how to spit.

Make Brushing Fun!
Brushing should be enjoyable: brush together, sing songs, play games! Let your child brush first, then take over and brush for them with lots of smiles and giggles.

Watch the Sugar
All sugar causes tooth decay, even those in juice, formula and fruit. Cut junk food and sticky snacks, dilute sweet drinks, choose healthy foods, and save the sweet treats for special occasions.

No Bottles to Bed!
Never let your child fall asleep drinking from the bottle, unless it has only water in it. Milk sugars can quickly cause cavities as they sleep, so always put them to bed with clean teeth.

Swap to a Cup
Teach your baby to drink from a cup from 6 – 8 months (they will need help holding it for the first few months) and they should be off the bottle by age 1.

Start Early, Start Right
Begin visits to the dentist by the first birthday to check your baby’s development and get the best advice on how to care for your baby’s teeth.

Article Contributor:
Dr. Jason Cheong
BDS (Adelaide)
Jason Cheong Dental Surgery