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When Should Your Child Make The First Visit To The Dentist?

When Should Your Child Make The First Visit To The Dentist?

“Doctor, when should I bring my baby to a dental clinic?” This is a common question that people or the community ask the dentist. So, at how many month-olds should my baby starts visiting dentist after the baby tooth growth? The simple answer for it is to visit the dentist right after the baby’s tooth is erupted. Theoretically, the first tooth to erupt is the lower incisor at 6-9 months old.

The parents can identify tooth eruption when the child starts teething. Teething can be described as a process where the teeth break through the gums. The parents can monitor for irritability, tender, swollen gums, and sometimes causes low grade fever as well as the infant wanting to place objects or fingers into the mouth in an attempt to reduce discomfort.

Now, the reason why parents should bring the child to the dentist is because to diagnose the earliest possible for any abnormality, to explain to the parents about the oral hygiene care of their infant, besides to familiarises the infant to the dental clinic setting. This period is very crucial to educate the parents as well to the infant as he or she grows.

Article Contributor:
Dr. Naj Azre bin Roslan
MPM 9126
Glowsmile Dental Clinic, Seberang Jaya