Nipple Care Cream 50g

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When it comes to choosing nipple cream, smell, texture and ingredients are very important. Made of 100% pure lanolin oil, our nipple cream is a smooth gel like balm that glides on smoothly on the nipples without leaving behind a grease trail. This nipple care cream soothes, heals and protects that soothes, heals and protects dry cracked skin.


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How to use:
• Soften a small amount between fingers and apply to the entire nipple area after feeding or as needed.
• May also apply before showering to protect sensitive nipples.
• Prenatal Use: May be used during pregnancy to condition nipples, ease dryness and promote healthy, supple skin.
*Breast and nipple stimulation may cause uterine contraction. If the user feel discomfort, please seek medical practitioner immediately.

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