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Breastfeeding is a natural way to give your baby the best. It is a mother's unique skill and an admirable strength. We are here to support you in every way possible so that you can have the best experience with our mother care products. Visit Pigeon’s E-Shop now for top maternity and baby products.

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Our 60 years of research has helped many moms overcome their challenges of feeding their baby.

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Let’s start your motherhood journey together with Pigeon. Are you breastfeeding or is your baby weaning? Whether its general issues related to your newborn, such as oral care or post-pregnancy care, you can always let us know what areas interest you to begin your maternity journey with Pigeon. For both mothers and babies, Pigeon offers a wide range of high-quality products from mother’s essentials to baby care for you.

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Parenthood is about constant learning and searching for the best way that works for you and your little one! It's never a linear journey, so we've put together some tips to help you! 

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Parents who've gone down the same path can point out the bumps or help to buckle your seat belt and embrace what's to come! Read on more for some real-life parenting stories!

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This breast pump is probably the lightest that I've ever seen. Despite that the suction is just right too. Besides the product itself, I would also like to commend on the customer service provided by Pigeon. I wrote in an email enquiry and they attended to me as soon as possible and gave me the most satisfactory reply. On top of that, additional information was provided to me as well. Thumbs up!!


Have not tried the foam version before this purchase, i feel that it’s easier to use with less wastage, still clean as well as the liquid detergent. The fast delivery was really a lifesaver when my family was stuck in a hotel for Stay-Home Notice 🙂

Ivan O.

Celebrate babies the way they are

Every baby is unique in their own way so let’s celebrate babies for who they are by showering them with love and care. Check out Pigeon Instagram page for tips and guides, promotions and new launches of our products including baby skincare products, all for the need of caring for your babies.

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