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This breast pump is probably the lightest that I've ever seen. Despite that the suction is just right too. Besides the product itself, I would also like to commend on the customer service provided by Pigeon. I wrote in an email enquiry and they attended to me as soon as possible and gave me the most satisfactory reply. On top of that, additional information was provided to me as well. Thumbs up!!


This little device is compact but very efficient! I’ve been using it quite frequently this time and have to say the pump yield is quite impressive! Empties the breasts very well. I’d even say it’s comparable to my Spectra S1’s after I got fitted with the larger Pigeon funnel. For 1-2 pumps a day, this GoMini is my go-to pump. If I have to do anything more (e.g. power pumping), I’ll still go back to my Spectra S1 since it’s built for the job. Suction is natural and comfortable. I like it much more than the Spectra S9’s feel. It’s also really small and cute - helpful when you’re a working mom on the go and want to reduce the weight you need to carry around. I keep it stored in a little bag together with a portable charger and have no issues with the USB connection.. think you just need to be gentle as with any other pump and it’ll work for a pretty long time. Customer service was top-notch when I reached out for spare parts and support. Love this pump!

Pam S.

This product is easy to assemble and is lightweight. I love this product as it is easy to use! However, I experienced some issue with the milk valves and rang customer service. Nonetheless, the issue was quickly resolved. I was attended by Rosaline and she was very helpful. Her service was top notch!


The GoMini Electric Pump is portable, lightweight and easy to use. The spare parts are easy to dismantle, clean and assemble for my next pumping session.


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