Breastfeeding is actually a teamwork by Mom and Dad! Dads, do you know that your role is very important in making this whole journey a smoother one? Here are some things you can do too!

Tips for dads in supporting breastfeeding moms

TIP 1:

Be there!

Get up with her at night to breastfeed. Give her some moral support, offer to bring her a glass of water or another pillow if she needs it.

TIP 2:

Burp the baby

Dads can’t breastfeed but you can burp the baby. This gives you some bonding time with the baby too!

TIP 3:

Be her extra pair of hands

Identify and offer to bring her what she needs. You can also sit and support her in your arms while she’s breastfeeding, she’ll greatly appreciate it.

TIP 4:

Clean the pump

Offer to clean and wash the pump. If Mom is making dinner for the baby, dad can help out too.

TIP 5:

Crown yourself as a diaper king!

Diaper-changing can develop a special bond between the dad and the baby. Just like nursing, diaper changing requires you to touch the baby. It takes time to master the skills but it’ll be worth it. In no time, you’ll be an expert in changing all types of diapers, including exploding ones!