Why the name "Pigeon"

Our company name “PIGEON” comes from the English word for dove, written ‘pigeon.’

In 1951, we set this name symbolising peace to express our strong desire for babies to grow happily in a peaceful and prosperous world.

Our desire hasn’t changed and nor will it change in the future.

A market leader

Today, PIGEON is a market leader in mother and baby care products. Our extensive research to offer the highest levels of comfort, safety and quality make us the preferred band in the segment.

Wide range of products

With the wide range products under the PIGEON wing, we are your one-stop solution to meet all your needs from maternity to childcare.

An ISO 9001-2008 certified company

For over half a century, we at PIGEON have worked tirelessly to develop easy-to-use and affordable products for each step of motherhood. Besides producing breast pump and breastfeeding accessories, PIGEON produces bottles, teats, pacifiers, baby toiletries, baby wet wipes, weaning accessories and many more products. We are the preferred choice for high quality, durable and user-friendly merchandise for mothers, babies and toddlers.

An ISO 9001-2008 certified company, PIGEON has grown steadily to become a name second only to mother.

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