GoMini™ Breastfeeding Storage Set

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List of Products Included
•  1 x GoMini™ Electric Breast Pump
•  1 x Breastmilk Storage Bags, 25 Bags (120ml)
•  1 x Breastmilk Storage Bag Clip


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GoMini™ Double Electric Breast Pump

Portability: as light as 8 strawberries (145g), it’s easy to carry it around and the sleek design fits into any compartments.


  • Ergonomically shaped to fit in one hand, the buttons are intuitively functionable. Anti-slip features.
  • Its control buttons are strategically positioned and ergonomically designed for easy, intuitive one-hand operation. Its pump body not only prevents back flow. The orientation of the tube holder makes it more accessible when in use.


  • Easy Switch between stimulation and expression mode. Pump can be powered by AC adaptor or battery bank.
  • Customizable expression modes and 5 different suction strengths to choose from.


  • Anti-slip surface to enhance gripping.
  • Lanyard loop for security during use
  • Note: Only double pump is available. Comes in regular flange 23mm, Large flange 27mm sold separately.

Breastmilk Storage Bags 120ml, Holiday Series

  • Thicker material for durability and more secure sealing at the sides to prevent leakage.
  • Fun and colorful designs to add cheer to mum’s breastfeeding routine.
  • Easy tear-off line and write on tab for convenience.
  • Self-standing bag allows easy filling and handling.
  • Save space in the fridge by placing the bag flat before freezing.
  • BPA and BPS free.
  • 120ml capacity for single feed.

Breastmilk Storage Bag Clip

  • Pumps directly into breastmilk storage bags.
  • Minimise milk spillage with no transferring needed.
  • Food contact material.
  • BPA and BPS free.
  • Compatible with Pigeon breast pump.
  • Wide neck adapter to fit most wide neck breast pumps.
  • Compatible with most breastmilk storage bags.

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Dimensions 17.2 × 16.2 × 17.5 cm


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