SofTouch™ Glass Bottle (Bee/Giraffe) Combo

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List of Products Included
• 2 x SofTouch™ Wide Neck Glass Nursing Bottle, Bees / Giraffe (160ml / 240ml)

Available in 160ml & 240ml.

Compatible with SofTouch™ Wide Neck Teat.
• 160ml comes with SS size teat.
• 240ml comes with M size teat.


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SofTouch™ Wide Neck Glass Nursing Bottle

  • Comes with SofTouch™ Wide Neck teat that is 100% silicone, super soft and flexible for natural and smooth tongue movement.
  • Clinically tested to help baby latch on for a smooth feeding experience.
  • Made of premium borosilicate glass material with excellent transparency and high heat resistance.
  • Anti-colic system to reduce air intake that causes colic.
  • BPA and BPS free.

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