Soother For Preemie Babies (Low Birth Weight)

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•  1 x Soother For Preemie Babies (S)
•  1 x Soother For Preemie Babies (M)


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Preemie Care Pacifiers

Premature and low birthweight babies require many treatments, procedures, and tests. Each one is a painful experience, and pacifiers are given to babies during NICU procedures as a way to ease that pain. Pigeon’s Preemie Care Pacifiers incorporate a range of innovative design features to make life easier for premature and low birthweight babies.

* Premature and low birthweight babies have weaker muscles around their mouths. To allow them to suck on this pacifier longer, it was designed to weigh just 5grams.
* The base of the pacifier is oval-shaped and perfectly sized for little mouths.
* The pacifier’s asymmetrical design helps ensure that it doesn’t hit the mattress of fall out of babies’ mouths when they are on their side.

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