The Pigeon Way

The Pigeon Way describes our “Corporate Philosophy”, “Credo” and “Purpose”. It also outlines our three “Values” which each and every employee upholds when performing their work, five “Action Principles” on which we base our actions and which also serve as a guide for our actions and the “Vision” which is what we aim to become in the medium to long-term.

The “Pigeon Way” is the cornerstone of all activities. It embodies our “heart and soul” and sets the grounds for our actions to stream from this core.

We believe every baby is born with a remarkable gift: the ability to be truly themselves.

Pigeon believes in preserving and nurturing the qualities that make each baby special.

Our years of experience in serving generations of babies has taught us there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to development.

Each baby deserves to progress at their own pace and to become whoever they want to be.

We strive to encourage curiosity, celebrate diversity and open horizons, because a society that treasures these things is one that will grow up to be creative, inclusive and free.

Corporate Philosophy

The essence and core of our company


Only love can beget love


Celebrate babies the way they are


Our reason for being and the role we should play in society

We want to make the world more baby-friendly by furthering our commitment to understanding and addressing babies' unique needs. Besides developing dynamic products that complement the lifestyle, we want to provide services and spaces in public areas to allow parents to fulfill their parenting needs at all convenience.


The most important attributes for all Pigeon employees

  • Integrity

  • Communication, Consent, Trust

  • Passion

Action Principles

The basic guideline for driving all of our actions

  • Agility

  • Keep sight of consumers

  • Global collaboration among competent individuals

  • Leadership and logical working style

  • Willingness to change


The goal Pigeon Group aims to achieve

To be the global No. 1 baby product manufacturer that is most trusted by babies and families around the world

Our Fundamental Belief

Developing products and services full of love, because only love can beget love.

Yuichi Nakata, Founder of Pigeon

''What is ultimately most valuable asset of all humanity? It's the ability to treasure other people, that is "love". This is the credo of the Pigeon Group.

“The Pigeon Group is a corporation entity that provides products and services for babies, children and those who need assistance. We won’t be able to generate products and services full of love if we lack the spirit ourselves. This is the same spirit that a mother feels for the precious baby she is nurturing.

“I believe the spirit of love is the foundation for all our business activities, and symbolises the corporate philosophy of the Pigeon Group as a whole.”

Yoichi Nakata
June 23, 1980

Celebrates babies the way they are

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