Pigeon Ranks 73rd in Best Japan Brands 2023

Pigeon Corporation was included on Interbrand Japan’s annual Best Japan Brands list for the fourth year running. In the Best Japan Brands 2023 list, Pigeon ranks 73rd.

Brand Leaders Interview
Pigeon’s President and CEO Norimasa Kitazawa was interviewed for the Best Japan Brands 2023 Brand Leaders Interview series. He discusses the brand’s positioning and perspectives, employee engagement based on the brand, and our next initiatives in the interview. The interview is available on Interbrand.

What is “Best Japan Brands 2023?”
Masahito Namiki, President and CEO of Interbrand Japan, the country’s leading branding company, has unveiled Best Japan Brands 2023, a rating of Japanese brand values utilizing its exclusive Brand ValuationTM process to translate brand value into monetary value. These lists have been released for the past 15 years. The Best Global Brands list, which Interbrand has released annually since 2000, employs the same valuation techniques as Best Japan Brands. It analyses the value of brands as business assets by contrasting the value of top worldwide brands with that of Japanese brands using the same system of measurement.