Newborn Starter Glass Set

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List of Products Included
•  1 x SofTouch™ Wide Neck Glass Nursing Bottle, Giraffe (160ml)
•  1 x SofTouch™ Wide Neck Glass Nursing Bottle, Giraffe (240ml)
•  1 x Baby Bottle & Accessories Cleanser (500ml)
•  1 x Sponge Brush
•  2 x Baby Wipes Peach Leaf (80 Sheets)

Add On (Optional)
•  1 x SofTouch™ Wide Neck Teat (L Size)

Compatible with SofTouch™ Wide Neck Teat.
• 160ml comes with SS size teat.
• 240ml comes with M size teat.


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SofTouch™ Wide Neck Glass Nursing Bottle

  • Comes with SofTouch™ Wide Neck teat that is 100% silicone, super soft and flexible for natural and smooth tongue movement.
  • Clinically tested for seamless switch between breast and bottle feeding.
  • Made of premium borosilicate glass material with excellent transparency and high heat resistance.
  • Anti-colic system to reduce air intake that causes colic.
  • BPA and BPS free.

Baby Bottles & Accessories Cleanser

5-in-1 Japan Technology

  1. Food grade ingredient.
  2. Easy rinsing.
  3. Anti-bacterial.
  4. Paraben free.
  5. Dermatologically tested.

In addition, the unique Japan inspired formula has less foam which makes rinsing off easy. It is the best choice because it is safely formulated with food grade and anti-bacterial ingredients.

Sponge Brush

  • Easy handle and finger grip at the most appropriate angle for ease of washing.
  • Double layer sponge catches dirt and cleans walls of bottles effectively.
  • Folded sponge at the tip can effectively clean and remove tough stains at the bottom of bottle.

Momo Baby Wipes

  • Formulated with Peach Leaf Extract and Liquorice Extract that is moisturizing and gentle to the skin.
  • Thick and stretchable non-woven wipes with coil pattern makes it easier to clean the stains off from baby’s buttock and inner thigh.
  • Also suitable to clean easily at sweat area such as neck and armpit.
  • Free from Paraben, Alcohol and Colouring Agent.
  • Contains mild Peach fragrance.

Add On (Optional) : SofTouch™ Wide Neck Teat

Allows smooth transition between feeding from breast to bottle and eliminates the issue of nipple confusion. The teat is of perfect shape and size to fit into the sucking fossa of your baby.

  • Inner vertical lines strengthen the structure of the teat, making it collapse-resistant.
  • Textured surface allows the baby to latch on easily and securely.
  • 100% silicone teat, super soft and flexible that allows natural and smooth tongue movement
  • Air Ventilation System (AVS) reduces gas intake, a potential cause of colic.