For new mothers, breastfeeding is a necessary but occasionally difficult experience, particularly if they must learn how to use a milk collector. Typically, milk collectors (also known as milk savers) provide a straightforward and practical answer to a typical issue – losing valuable breast milk. 

These convenient gadgets are made to catch extra milk that spills while breastfeeding or as a result of natural letdown. As the title suggests, this guide will offer a clear method for employing milk collectors to make sure that no valuable milk is wasted.

How to use a Milk Collector/Milk Saver

Firstly, position the pump so that your nipple is in the middle. Then, secure the pump by gently squeezing the bottom area. Allow milk to flow until the desired amount before removing the pump by squeezing the neck area.

Step 1: Position the Pump Correctly

Start by placing the milk collector over your breast to ensure that the nipple is aligned in the centre of the pump. Take a moment to adjust the pump until it sits comfortably and securely over your breast. Proper positioning is essential for comfort and to facilitate the efficient flow of milk into the collector.

Step 2: Secure the Pump

After positioning the pump, gently squeeze the bottom part to create a vacuum, which helps the pump attach securely to your breast. You’ll want a snug fit that prevents leaks and allows for hands-free operation.

Step 3: Let the Milk Flow

With the pump in place, relax and allow the milk to flow into the collection area. The duration of this step can vary based on your milk supply and the amount you wish to collect. 

Step 4: Remove the Pump Safely

To remove the pump, gently squeeze its neck to release the vacuum pressure. Take your time when removing the pump to avoid spilling the collected milk.

Step 5: Store the Milk

Transfer the collected milk into a storage bottle or bag designed for breastmilk. Label the storage container with the date and time to keep track of the milk’s freshness. Proper storage is crucial for preserving the milk’s quality and ensuring it remains safe for your baby to consume.

Practical Tips and Precautions

Employing a milk collector can be a simple and advantageous supplement to your nursing regimen, but in order to get the most out of it, you should take a few practical tips and precautions into account. 

  1. Comfort and Fit: Make sure the milk collector is both comfortable and snugly fitting. Try a new size or move the collector if it’s uncomfortable or your nipple rubs against it.
  2. Frequency of Emptying: Keep a regular eye on the amount of milk in the collector to prevent spillage and overfilling, particularly if you’re having a prolonged feeding or severe milk letdown.
  3. Skin Care: After nursing, use nipple cream and keep your skin clean to avoid inflammation. This maintains the comfort and health of your skin.
  4. Avoiding Spills: Take caution when taking the milk collector off to avoid spilling any milk. With a container prepared for an instant transfer, lean forward.
  5. Hygiene: To guarantee security and avoid infection, always wash your hands before touching the milk collector and the milk that has been collected.

Key Benefits of A Milk Collector

1. A Milk Collector Maximises Milk Collection

The purpose of the milk collector is to collect breast milk as efficiently as possible while preserving every drop. This is especially helpful when let-down happens, such as while feeding or pumping from the other breast. It maximises the quantity of milk collected and preserved for your infant by retaining this otherwise lost milk.

2. It Makes Breastfeeding Easy

The milk collector is designed to be simple and convenient to use. It’s easy – all you have to do is secure it to your breast and it’ll collect milk naturally. Mothers can multitask with this hands-free device, which is ideal for use at work or on the go.

3. It Provides Comfort for Nursing Moms

For nursing moms, engorgement and plugged milk ducts can be excruciating and agonising. These problems are lessened by a milk collector, which also releases pressure and lowers the possibility of clogged ducts

4. It Helps Build Breast Milk Stockpile

Using milk collectors contributes to the accumulation of breast milk reserves, guaranteeing a constant supply. For moms who are going back to work or in situations where direct breastfeeding may not be feasible, this is really beneficial.


For nursing moms, knowing how to use a milk collector is undoubtedly useful and advantageous. They are simple to use, guarantee hygienic storage, offer an effective means of collecting extra milk, and offer comfort during engorgement. 

If you need an easy-to-use milk collector, join countless mothers who trust Pigeon’s Silicone Milk Saver Pump. Make the wise choice for you and your baby – because you both deserve the best support on this beautiful journey.