Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) is one of the leading institutions in tropical forestry research in the world. Sitting on a 545-ha site adjacent to the Bukit Lagong Forest Reserve in the Kepong municipality. One of the largest and oldest man-made tropical forest in the world according to UNESCO. It was gazetted as a Natural Heritage Site on 10 February 2009 under the National Heritage Act 2005, and officially declared as a National Heritage on 10 May 2012. 

In conjunction with our 12th year anniversary, Pigeon Malaysia hoped on the wagon in contributing to the ecosystem by organizing a tree planting campaign. 

We began the day by gathering at FRIM by 7:30am. All excited and ready for the hike! Majority of us prepared “shielding” by applying ample of bug repellents especially for mosquitoes and leeches, as almost all of us are from the city and not familiar with nature such as this.

After a wholesome breakfast of champions- NASI LEMAK,

 we were split into 4 teams of 12 and began walking 3km to the entrance of the tree planting site.

Upon arrival, the rangers welcomed us and gave a short introduction of FRIM and we continued to the actual tree planting site. Little did we know, it was considered a challenge for majority of us as it is our first time being one with nature. Briefing on steps for tree planting we given, and we were given our planting tools together with the saplings. There were 32 fruits/ rare species of trees and Pigeon Malaysia took part in planting durian trees

 Even though majority of us have no experience in tree planting, but we were able to work together as a team and successfully planted all 40 trees without making any mistake on accidentally uprooting the surrounding trees.  

The whole activity took about an hour to complete, and we hiked back to gathering site and settled down for a scrumptious lunch prepared by the establishment of FRIM.

Ended with a group photo and everyone adjourned feeling accomplished eventhough with some of us being delicious meal for the leeches of the forest. 

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