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Sterilisers Questions

What you're seeing is not rust but mineral deposits (lime scale) from tap water. When water evaporates at high temperatures, it leaves behind these deposits. If not cleaned regularly, it can affect your steriliser's performance. You can remove the lime scale using either lemon juice cleaning or vinegar & water cleaning. You may refer to the descaling method here or product manual for detailed instructions.
We advise against using a UV Steriliser to sanitise Pigeon products made of plastic and silicone materials, like our nursing bottles and teats. Ultraviolet (UV) rays in these sterilizers can speed up the deterioration of silicone teats, leading to material degradation, hardening, and potential cracks or tears. The plastic components, including bottles and bottle caps, may also degrade when exposed to UV rays. For the best care of these products, consider alternative sterilisation methods like boiling, steaming or using chemical solutions.